Frightening news from Eswatini


You may well have heard in the media about the political unrest in Eswatini.

The unrest has evolved over many years from the total lack of democracy in the country.  The King, as an absolute monarch, controls government and most of the economic climate in the country leaving over 60% of the population living below the poverty level.  The people are now demonstrating their objections to the current system and are being met by government troops and police using guns and teargas to disperse the demonstrators.  This has resulted in a number of mass riots against the king’s properties with fires destroying buildings and much needed agricultural crops.

We are in daily communication with our contacts and volunteers at our two centres and are endeavouring to ensure the children continue to be fed and kept safe.  Currently, with the exception of a small amount of damage, the centres remain safe.

The centres have had to be closed to ensure the children’s safety.  All schools, banks and public buildings and many shops are closed and roads are blocked.  The economy is at a relative standstill.  In addition, the government have placed a curfew between 6.00 pm and 5.00 am and switched off the internet service for around 22 hours each day.

We will continue to endeavour to keep in contact with our partners in Eswatini and provide every possible practical help for the children and their guardians.

It is our hope that the situation will resolve itself peacefully in the very near future.