A vulnerable children’s support project in Africa

We support, with our partners SOS Villages, the Msunduza and Malagwane Care Centres  which provides a meal a day and basic education for vulnerable children in a town called Mbabane, Swaziland. SOS Villages have operated orphanages in Swaziland since 1990.  Through family support work they have helped many children and families living with HIV/Aids.

  • Imagine you are a 10 year old boy living in Swaziland
  • Your father died 5 years ago
  • Now your mother has died of Aids
  • You are now either living on the streets or with relatives who have their own problems and can’t support you
  • You have little or no access to food
  • You can’t go to school because you have no school fees



  • Provide a hot meal and basic education each day
  • Seek out sponsors for your school fees
  • And most importantly give you the love and affection you most need

Both the Msunduza and Malagwane Care Centres operate in partnership with the charity SOS Villages supporting over  180 children daily, providing a meal, and for pre-school children basic education.  Often the meal will be the only food the child receives each day. The Centres also enable basic medical assessment and welfare monitoring.  The children are taught how to develop socially and given skills in gardening and craft applications. The charity also seeks out sponsors to provide the necessary money to pay school fees. Whilst at the Centre the children are helped with life problems and encouraged to develop their lives to become good citizens. The finances for the Centres are raised by a small group of Trustees who hold various charity events and receive donations. There are no administrative costs thereby enabling all monies raised to go directly  to the running of the Centres. pies-slider-02