A single donation of £5 will help feed  one young person for a whole month.

It’s not a lot to ask.

What Can You Buy With £5?

  • A local bus ride……
  • A  fancy coffee and a sticky bun………
  • Two and a half Lottery tickets…….
  • A couple of magazines or newspapers for a few days….
  • FIVE items from Poundland……….
  • Part of a cinema ticket………
  • A bag of fish n chips……………
  • A bottle of wine…………..


You can feed one of our vulnerable children for A MONTH  – yes, a whole month.

It isn’t a lot to ask in the scheme of things – but it can be the difference between life and death to these children.

We can’t do anything without support from you and here are some ways you can help –

The first one is simple. 

Just click on the button below and……..


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More Ways to Help

  • Do you belong to a society or organisation who has regular speakers?  Ask us to come and speak to your group.  (We are very good!)
  • Do you have a ‘Chosen Charity’ at your work place?  Why not choose us?  We are local.  We are 100% voluntary so every penny you donate will go to help these vulnerable youngsters.
  • Are you about to take on a sponsored ‘something’?  A run, a cake bake (or eat!), slim (after the cake eat), 100 laps round your garden, a silence  ……………. anything?  Please think about our youngsters who need us to help them survive.  Then – contact us with the good news and make us smile!
  • Tell people about us.  Spread the word.

If you can help by doing any of the above please contact us today.