2021 was a year we won’t forget!

During 2021 the Charity has experienced numerous challenges which fortunately we have been able to overcome in various ways with the help of our supporters

  • Cyclone Eloise hit Southern Africa and created significant damage to one of the PIES Centres
  • The Jungle Gym was destroyed and thankfully replaced by a generous donation
  • Numerous lockdowns and curfews took place due to COVID restrictions
  • Pro-democracy protests have occurred throughout the year which also resulted in lockdowns
  • Schools have been closed on a number of occasions and lessons continued by the local radio station. PIES children were issued with radios
  • Due to lockdowns the Centres were closed on a number of occasions and children and guardians provided with food parcels
  • Good news all the children attending the Centres have escaped COVID-19
  • The number of children attending the two Centres has increased to around 230 due to the demand for food
  • Malnutrition has become a serious problem

Despite all the set-backs the Centres have continued to operate their sewing, gardening and bee keeping projects be it in a limited way and we are looking forward to a productive 2022.