Update on Covid 19

Good News and Bad News

Dear Supporters

Following on from the previous COVID-19 update the evolution of the virus has increased at a slow rate in Eswatini.

As at 12 June:  486 cases.  247 recovered.  3 deaths.

Queuing for lunch during lockdown
Queuing for lunch during lockdown

The good news is that the World Health Organisation has provided a team of experts to assist the Government in fighting the virus.  Whilst the Government are cautious and are continuing with the partial lockdown we have been able to take advantage of some degree of loosening of the lockdown.  Over the last month we have been able to put in place a feeding system whereby the children are provided with a meal each day from the Centre.  The process is such that they visit the Centre with lunch boxes and are given a substantial meal to take away.  The children are not allowed to linger at the Centre and must obey the 2 metre distance rules.  P.P.E.  equipment has been provided for the Centre staff and the system is currently working well.  We continue to provide additional food parcels for the most vulnerable families.

The pre-school teaching has had to be cancelled and currently all schools are closed.  Food prices are rising as is access to food which is impacting on the charity’s finances.  With the UK restrictions we have not been able to hold fund-raising events and consequently the charity’s reserves are beginning to deplete.  We will be holding fund-raising events once lockdown is over and hope you will be able to support us.

Let us hope that the situation in Eswatini (Swaziland) is able to stabilise and allow the lockdown to ease.

Kind regards

Norman Yates, Chairman PIES Trustees