Special Shoes for a Special Girl

On our visit to Swaziland in May we were introduced to Sinenhlanhla by her headteacher.  Sinenhlanhla is a vulnerable child struggling at home living with her parents and 4 siblings.  Her parents try hard to find work but this is not always possible.  At school she is a bright happy child who is getting on with life. 

However she has great difficulty walking due to a joint disability in both her feet.  This could be greatly improved by special shoes made to adjust her balance and general contact with the ground.  Unfortunately Sinenhlanhla only had normal shoes which were not even her size.  The charity immediately got involved with Sinenhlanhla’s condition and is now in the process of having special shoes made for her.  In addition, a sponsor has been found who made a commitment to support her at school and ensure her shoes adjustments are made as she develops.  And here she is having casts made for her first pair of remedial shoes.