We have a small selection of items for sale.  All these exclusive items have come directly from Swaziland – all are handmade and are helping to keep local people in employment and therefore, able to feed their families.  They are all beautifully made –    the photos do not do them justice.  

For more information or to order any of these please go to our Contact Us page.

Orders will incur a charge for postage and packing.


Mr Rhino is so smooth you cannot help but want to touch him. He is made from hardwood and measures about 18cm (7″) long and 10cm (4″) high. He is £20.
This lady is the larger of the two elephants. She is made from hardwood, is 16cm (7.5″) in length and 11 cm (4.5″) tall and costs £20.
This handsome little guy is made from hardwood and is 10cm (4″) tall, about 14cm across. He is £10,
How can you resist this little fellow? He is intricately made from wire and beads -a lot of work has gone into making him. He is just about 11cm (4.5″) tall and 8cm (3″) across. At £10 – he is a little cracker.